Vegetable salad with preserved cucumber

Dagoma | Vegetable salad with preserved cucumber



Ingredients: 2 cooked parsleys, 1 cooked celery root, 4-5 Dagoma Kartuzy cucumbers, 1 onion, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 apple, 2 jars of Dagoma carrots with peas and corn, 2 cooked potatoes, 5 spoons of mayonnaise, 4 spoons of natural yoghurt, pepper, salt.

Preparation: Evenly dice the celery root, add 2 jars of carrots with peas and corn and mix in a bowl. Add the diced cucumbers, chopped and scalded onion, apple grated on a large slotted grater, diced eggs, peeled and diced potatoes. Mix the sauce ingredients, pour the sauce on the vegetable salad and stir thoroughly. Put the vegetable salad aside for the night in a cool place to let the flavours develop.