DAGOMA producer of food products

Dagoma Ketchups


Dagoma Mustards


Dagoma Przetwory owocowe

Beetroot preserves

Dagoma Cucumbers


Dagoma vegetable preserves

Vegetable preserves

Dagoma Przetwory owocowe

Peppers and dried tomatoes

Dagoma Marmalades and powidl


Dagoma Fruit preserves

Fruit preserves

The company’s history in a nutshell

Even though we are a medium sized food product factory, we pride ourselves in many years of tradition in fruit and vegetable processing and production, which dates as far back as the 20’s of the previous century!

Thanks to the high quality of our products made using traditional and regional recipes, their brand is a permanent fixture in the history of Gdansk and the entire Pomerania region.

Dagoma stands for high quality incorporating traditional recipes, in a modern package and at an affordable price.

This is all thanks to excellent company management with goals and values corresponding to the current customer needs. Mindful of the most effective methods and focused on results, we run a highly efficient and competitive operation. At the same time we respect generally applicable rules and values. It was written back in the 1930 calendar.